Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Welcome to this Table

Thanks to my wonderful husband, Ed Taylor, for sharing this poem with me today.
A Welcoming Prayer
by The Ponderer

And so we gather at the table.

We come from many places,
differing in age, differing in race,
differing in orientation, politics and even religion.
As we come together around the table
we discover that our differences 
are not something we tolerate
but that our differences are indeed a blessing,
the more difference we bring, the more fully we experience
the presence of the sacred in our midst.
So come, children of God, just as you are.
Wherever you are on this journey of life
you are welcome here,
here in this place, 
here in this community, 
here at this table.
Come, children of God, 
come and remember with us.

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Historic South Gainesville Texas said...

And it was I was looking for inspiration for the communion meditation I was to deliver one Sunday in summer 2015. I copied it and forgot about it. Over a year later, I came across it, printed it, and put it in my calendar for my next communion meditation. A year plus later, it seems so much more appropriate. The political environment, the diversity that bleeds such, the disgust and hatred rising its cheap, propoganda-lovng head is brought to a hush with this poem; His hush that says "You are mine. You are all my children." Makes me wonder if He wishes to finish with, "DEAL WITH IT!"

Thank you Ponderer. Our fair and brilliant pastor would love to use your message each and every week. So fitting.

Lucy, Gainesville TX